01 June 2006

Walking in the Garden

We went to walk around the local botanical garden this morning. After a icky, humid weekend and a couple of thunderstormy days, we had to take advantage of the nice weather! Very pretty this time of year! This is only the third time we've gone. The first was in October when Grandma and Grandpa were here for Bean's birthday and it was nice, but not much to see outdoors. Over the winter, the kids and I went to the Conservatory to pretend we were on a tropical vacation, but it was too cold to look around outside.

We still haven't seen the whole thing, but at least we saw some areas we hadn't seen before. (Aside to my mom: The Asian garden that you saw in the mag was gorgeous...definitely on the "to do" list for your next visit!!) I would love to go there every week or two and watch the vegetation change and explore other parts, but Bug and Bean still aren't doing great with the "look with your eyes, not with your hands" concept. As they get older, the gardens will be much more enjoyable for all of us!

On the way home, heard from the back seat:

  • Bug: "I havin' a hairball" - we let him watch Shrek 2 with us, so baby kitty now has frequent hairballs. If you've seen the movie, Puss in Boots is what Kitty Man would be if he sounded like Antonio Banderas! I can well imagine Kitty Man singing and dancing to La Vida Loca...
  • Bug: "I havin' a sad hissy fit" - apparently entails a high-pitched, whiny shriek that could shatter glass.
  • Bean: the shrieking phase continues...but just high-pitched without the whining. Boy, was I glad to get home!