21 June 2006

Potty Progress

Since yesterday was fairly humid, but not quite hot enough for the A/C, Bug and Bean spent much of the day semi-naked. Bug used the potty chair first thing in the morning to pee and then again twice in the afternoon. He stayed dry the whole time from nap to supper! We are so proud of our pottying Bug!

The downside for me is that I have been spending so much time soaking up pee from the carpet since training pants leak and some of the day was spent au naturel. Yesterday, the score was Mollie - 1, Bean - 2, Bug - 1. So far today, the score is Mollie - 0, Bean - 1, Bug - 2. Go Mollie!


Grandma K said...

Good job, Bug! Does he get anything special (like a sticker)?...or just "atta boys"? Any progress is great, although it sounds like Kitty Mommy might be getting housemaid's knees out of the deal...but just think of the laundry savings once both Bug and Bean can go potty!