12 June 2006

Road Trip

We took a road trip to Iowa this weekend. We had one small chore we wanted to take care of at the "old house" that wasn't worth the price of gas to get there, but Kitty Daddy's brother was visiting their mom and his in-laws, so we decided to hit the road and see Grandma and Chaah-lie as well as Uncle Tom. We spent the night at a hotel and got to go swimming, which was great fun. Bean is ready to join the Olympic diving team. She had a BLAST climbing out of the pool, walking around the corner to the ladder rails, getting into position, grabbing my hands, and jumping in. Bug spent most of his time kicking and splashing while Daddy held him up.

The other highlights of the trip included seeing a couple of wind turbines while we were driving and driving over rumble strips before a stop sign. Bug thought both were pretty cool and has been asking to when we will see more "white things" (turbines) and "buzzy things" (rumble strips).