23 June 2006

I'm intrigued...

I have been eye-balling the new KnitPicks Options needles lately. I really like my Denise Interchangeables, but I'm not completely taken by the plastic tips. I have been trying off and on to score a set of Boye Needle Master interchangeables on Ebay on the cheap, but no luck so far. My biggest complaints with the Denise are the plastic (at least with some yarns) and the fact that the smallest needle size is 5. I like that Boye goes down to size 2, but have heard that the tips unscrewing can be a pain.

Things I like about the Knit Picks needles conceptually:

  • That you don't have to buy a whole kit; you can just add needles and cables here and there (as budget allows)
  • The tightening key should help with the unscrewing tendency I have heard about with Boyes
  • Smoother tips and smaller cables than the Denise
  • Although they only go down to size 4, that would mean just a few pairs of small size circulars (and these are very reasonably priced) and I could have the smaller needles the same as the larger ones
  • I have been delighted by the quality/cost ratio of the yarns I have tried from Knit Picks and fully expect that these would be a good value for the money. As good as Addis? Maybe not, but a heck of a lot cheaper!
The good news is that my bad angel is off the hook for a while...there has been such a big response to the needles that they are backordered by a week or two.