06 June 2006

New hit single

Bug's favorite new song (to the tune of Frere Jacques):

What's in the closet*? What's in the closet?
I don't know! I don't know!
Let's go take a peek...let's go take a peek...
A vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner.
Repeat over and over, replacing last line with "A little orange vacuum," "hats and scarves," "winter coats," "Mama's yoga mat," "lots of shoes," etc.

Bug loves having Mama sing on command right now. If it's "sing farm song" or "sing bus song," I gladly oblige with Old MacDonald or The Wheels on the Bus. But after a couple of those, it tends toward "sing big rig song" ??? "sing closet song" ??? Then I just make up words and either borrow a tune or make one up. At least it's a nice change from a hand over my mouth and a "don't sing" command. Of course, now Bean is at that phase! So I've got one saying sing and the other putting her chubby hands over my mouth saying "stop!"

*The closet in question is the coat closet in the living room, in case you're wondering about the odd assortment of contents...


Grandma K said...

It's essential, you know, that you never deviate from the original song that you made up. Little minds remember the tiniest details!

Kitty Mommy said...

Yeah, fortunately for me, he often tells me what he wants the last line to be.