09 June 2006

Sometimes the nap gods smile and...

Sometimes they just sit there and laugh their fool heads off. Today is one of "those" days. Most days the three of us hunker down for nap time and Bug has quiet time while Bean dozes off. Once she's asleep, Bug is usually drowsy enough from quiet time that I can tuck him in with his favorite binkit and pillow and he will also be off to dreamland. When it works, it's a beautiful thing.

Today, Bean is just starting to relax and wind down and Bug remembers that he needs to go to the living room for a missing truck. Bean must investigate. I get both settled back down and Bean's eyelids are beginning to droop when, in the distance, there is a siren (police, ambulance, fire truck?). Bug has to go into the living room to check if he can see anything and loudly announces his intentions. Bean rouses and, again, must investigate. 'Bout now, mama is getting frustrated and losing patience, so we all go into the living room for a little while. Since everyone is acting tired, we try again. Same result. So I try to settle Bug on the sofa so I can rock Bean. No go. Another break. Everyone up on the rocking chair...two little ones getting drowsy. Falling asleep? Not a chance. Back up again. Man, it is going to be a cranky evening, but all you can do is create the right environment for sleep and work to get everyone relaxed...there just isn't any way to make the little stinkers sleep. Though on days like today, I have considered duct tape. *sigh* Only kidding, call off the CPS!!!


Grandma K said...

No kidding...I'm getting sleepy just reading about all the "near-drowses" everyone had. All you can do is plan on an early bedtime, I guess. TGIF!