03 June 2006

Day of the Dozer

When you are a three-year-old boy, it doesn't get any better than this! Today was the Day of the Dozer sponsored by a local redi-mix company. They had all sorts of big trucks and sand and dirt and everything that makes little boy's (and mommy enginerd's) hearts go pit-a-pat! Things we did included a ride in a quarry truck, where we got a tour of the whole plant and an old quarry. The company started at this site with a crusher, an excavator, and a dump truck and is now one of the biggest of its kind in the area. We also got to climb on some parked trucks including a backhoe, a grader, a bulldozer, and a redi-mix truck. Bug and Kitty Daddy climbed up into a great big front loader and got to play with the controls (with the help of an employee of course). Bean and I watched as Bug made the scoop go up and down all by himself. Bug was such a good listener and took his loader operating job very seriously. Kitty Daddy just grinned...I'm not sure which of my little boys had more fun!

Bean didn't appreciate the whole thing quite as much as Bug, but at least she got a hard hat! Next year when she is a little older, it will be much more fun for her!

Speaking of next year, some of the other things that we didn't try, but will have to put on our list for next year include operating a back-hoe (dumping sand included), taking a ride on an industrial lift, and riding in a bulldozer. Like all fun things, it was very popular and there were lines for everything, which seriously tests the patience of little people so we only stayed for about 3 hours (including lunch).

The whole thing is an annual fund raiser for a local "Make a wish" type foundation. The plant owners donated the equipment and site for the day and employees volunteered to help out and everything else (food, pop, t-shirts, hats, etc.) was donated, so all the money that they took in went to the charity. In the 14 years they have been doing this, they have raised over $250,000!

The rest of the day's pictures are here.


Grandma K said...

What an exciting, fun experience—especially so for those enamored of all things associated with trucks and heavy equipment! We enjoyed the photo-journal account—all the good pictures—and the next best thing to being there with you to experience the sublime (for a three-year-old boy)!