05 June 2006

Park Day

My Bean is growing up so fast! My tiny baby is suddenly a little girl. She's still enough in the between stage that I get glimpses of my babykins once and a while, but probably not for much longer!

Why is it that when she wears a shirt that shows her chubby belly, it's cute? If I were to do the same...not so cute! Sigh!

We went to the park this morning. I have been trying to start a play group with some moms I have met online and haven't been having a lot of luck. At least the kids had fun at the park. We spent close to two hours there, with a short stop for water and snacks. Bean went down for her nap like nobody's business. Bug needed lunch first and he's spending a little time with his diecast trucks winding down right now. I suspect he'll be down soon...he played pretty hard at the park.


Grandma K said...

What a cute picture, little Miss Go-Go! with her tummy showing. You're right about growing up fast. By the time she's two, she'll be out of size 2! That's the thing with babies—they stay babies for too short a time.