28 March 2010

Bad Karma


The good news is that the one of the caterpillars we adopted last August survived the chrysalis.

The bad news is that after overwintering, we weren’t really paying attention as days got longer and the house was generally warmer than outside and he (she?) emerged.  We haven’t a clue when he emerged as he was dead and stiff by the time we discovered him.

The good news is that it was much easier to get good pictures and confirm that he looks like a Black Swallowtail.

The bad news is that I now have to add “Butterfly murderer” to my CV.

23 March 2010

A Finished Object


Just in time for spring, some extremely springy socks!  These are Trekking hand painted and the pattern is Leyburn (Rav link).  I love ‘em!  This is the second pair of Leyburn socks I have knitted.  The first pair seems as if it would fit my foot and ankle perfectly, but I cant get the cuffs and legs over my sticky-outy heels.  Now that Beeb isn’t as likely to wander off at the park, I think I will be more productive sock-wise again!  I’m almost done with another sock since finishing these.  We’ll not from beginning to end…it’s the Kitty Man socks that I have been working on and destroying needles for around two years.  If I can keep from breaking more needles and/or losing my project bag, these might actually get finished soon!

And try not to faint from surprise that I have posted two days in a row.  My goal is to get back to posting more (or less) regularly.  The biggest obstacle to posting more is never remembering to take my camera with me.  Working on it…

22 March 2010


We are loving the springy weather we’ve been having!  Last week we spent as much time outdoors as we possibly could.  While Bug and Bean were at their Aldo Leopold Nature Center class learning about maple syrup on Tuesday, Beeb and I got the groceries and then hung out at a nearby park.  We spent most of Wednesday afternoon at our favorite state park.  And Thursday morning was our first park day with our homeschooling buddies.  Even though it snowed several inches overnight Friday, most of it was gone by yesterday afternoon and we were back to lovely weather.

Bean and I took advantage of spring and spent some time cuddling lambies and other baby animals at the A-Z Farm Lambing Barn.  The animals were adorable, but I remembered why we haven’t been there for a couple of years.  TOO MANY people!  But, oh, were the babies adorable!  AND Ms. Bean got to pet a horse.  She is all about the horses these days.

We are also thinking spring gardening thoughts.  We made some paper pots for seedlings last week and hope to be planting some of our seeds this week!  We also put some onions in our garden.  I am so ready for green!

Let the sun shine in!

03 March 2010

This looks like a nice place to have a knitting blog...

...except for the incredible dearth of all things fiber related.  I have been doing fibery things, just not blogging about them.  First a quick catch-up on finished objects.

Starting at top left:
1.  Penguin dishcloth, finished 1/13/09 (Yeah, I'm that far behind.  Deal with it.)
2.  I love you dishcloth, finished 2/13/09
3.  Beeb's Peace Fleece hat, finished 1/22/09
4.  Bean's Fish Hat, finished 2/28/09
5.  Raspberry Charade Socks, finished 6/27/09
6.  Beeb Shorties, finished 6/28/09
7.  Beeb Shorties, finished 7/17/09
8.  Leyburn Socks, finished 8/21/09
9.  Bean Water Bottle holder, finished 12/02/09
10.  Sweater for Missy, finished 2/12/10
11.  Scrubby, finished 2/12/10
12.  Beeb Shorties, finished 2/12/10

There are also a couple of other things finished that need pictures yet (one is a biggie!).  I'll get them up eventually, and hopefully before I'm over a year behind!  Coming soon...the last of the past due FOs, a spinning FO, some knitting/crocheting WIPs as I figure out what's next, and hopefully some more regular posting.