27 November 2008

We are Thankful

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, we will be surrounded by our handprint turkeys telling what we are thankful for.

Beeb (I made my best guess for what he's thankful for):


Bug (one turkey says "turkeys," the other says "parents"...I spelled, he wrote)

And mine:

I hope everyone who is celebrating today has a happy Thanksgiving and much to be thankful for!

26 November 2008

Talkin' Turkey

We've been keeping a pretty low profile. Between the capacious diaper butt, the waddling walk, and the little new-walker wings:

I don't want anyone getting any crazy ideas, if ya know what I mean! All he needs is a few tail feathers. Of course, the hiney is all diaper and the breast isn't all that meaty, so I'm afraid there would be disappointment all around. And here's another picture for those who need a fix:

He's saying, "I'm so irresistable, you couldn't possibly resist giving me the shiny camera, could you? Pwetty pwease???"

I have been knitting like crazy lately, alternating between infuriating ribbing (not my favorite...I get even tenser than usual, so I tire quickly) and completely zen stockinette in the round. I am (almost simultaneously) making longies, thumbless mittens, and hat for Beeb out of this:


hat and mittens for Bean out of this:


and hat and mittens for Bug out of this:


A couple of weeks ago, we made a trip out to the Sow's Ear and Bug and Bean each got to pick a skein of superwash wool for their mittens and hats. They have pretty good taste! I am enjoying knitting with the purple stuff and I think I will enjoy the rainbow sherbet one too!

And the "Mother of the Year" committee is having another good snicker on my behalf. On Monday, this is where Beeb went down for his nap:

(to my credit, I did put him in a softer spot with a blankie after I took the picture) and then a couple of hours later as I was heading out to Charity Knitting at the Ear, Ms. Drama Llama was going to pieces, telling me that she wanted me to stay with her. I told her, "You know what? I. don't. care." and headed out to knit (again, to my credit, I liked all the kids again when I got home from knitting).

20 November 2008


So, Mama is in the kitchen making coffee and Bug wanders in and we have the following conversation:

Bug: Hey lady!
Me: Hey kid!
Bug: So, what's your name? My name is [first name], but most people just call me "handsome."
He then says something about being a mailman (which I didn't catch because I am doubled over laughing) and hands me a picture of a spider he has drawn.

Lotsa knitting going on, some FOs that still haven't been posted, but I'll catch y'all up eventually...

16 November 2008

The Four-Year-Old Drama Llama

Bean has declared her fifth year of life as "The Year of the Drama Llama." Just an example: Today, Daddy invited Bug and Bean to join him and walk to the playground of a nearby school. Bean respectfully declines. I point out that winter is coming and we will be spending more time inside and this would be a good chance to run around and get some fresh air. Nope, no way, no how. Fine. She stays home with me and plays while I putter. Some time later Bug and Daddy come home and Bug is reporting on his activities when Bean unhappily declares, "I never get to do anything fun!" and burst into tears. In the process of trying to talk her down, she proceeds to paraphrase (i.e. with drama ramped all the way up) all the suggestions I had given her for going. For example, the above suggestion became something along the lines of winter's coming and we are NEVER going outside again and this playground trip had been the last possible outing EVER.

Gonna be a long year...

09 November 2008


I am happy to report that I made it to knit night, sat next to Molly Bees and the Sow's Ear is still standing! I'm still slow and limpy, but gradually improving. I did however find a surprise when I got home from Knit Night. I left behind my long-haired little baby:

and returned home to my nearly bald toddler:

Yep, Daddy got loose with the clippers again. Clearly, I need to hide the durn things every time I leave the house! However, to Daddy's credit, Bean begged to have her hair shorn as well and he refused. So Kitty Chai has escaped as well.

07 November 2008


So, any idea what happens when a basically clumsy person on the stairs tries to hang up the dog leash, read the mail, and talk to a four-year-old at the same time? I know now. It involves a trip to urgent care, x-rays, crutches, and a couple of days with an elevated foot. Fortunately, nothing was broken or displaced, just beat up all to heck. I also have what feels like some pretty spectacular bruises on my hip (only lower and in back, but "hip" sounds so much more elegant), my elbow and my ear. I also seem to have given my hip/lower back a pretty good wrench on the way down, so thing will be a bit ouchie for a couple of days, but I'm going to live! It's already feeling much better than it did last night and my goal for the day is to be very nice to my bruises so they will be willing to accompany me to knit night tonight.

On the bright side, I have my own personal musician to keep me entertained!

06 November 2008

A Late Jack-O-Lantern

This jaggety toothless jack-o-lantern smile came to us Tuesday at supper. Bug had been wiggling his first loose tooth for a while and during dinner, out it came! He is very proud of his new grin and excited about the new tooth peeking out.

We have been enjoying a spell of unseasonably warm weather (In the 70s! In November!), so we have been outside trying to soak up some warm and sun to tide us over the winter. We spent several hours at the zoo after voting on Tuesday, but I'm afraid our heat wave is coming to an end. Today is rainy and a bit cooler, but the forecast for tomorrow and Saturday is SNOW! Oh well, I can't say I complete object to more time inside and cozy, cuz that means more knitting!