21 June 2006

Stolen moments

Since knitting is one of my main stress relievers and sanity savers, it is important to be able to find time to do some knitting. With two little ones, it can sometimes be hard! My strategy is to have a big project going when I can find some uninterrupted time (right now, it's Crumpets) and one or more small projects that I can pick up and put down during stolen moments.

One particular brand of little project is socks. I always have a sock in progress and I keep it in a small nylon drawstring bag that I can stuff in my purse or loop around my wrist. The bag is only big enough for one skein of sock yarn, the sock in progress (this one's partner right now) and maybe a ruler or some notes and measurements. That way, it's handy when I have a minute or two. When I take the kids to the playground or park, I loop the bag around my wrist and then I can knit while I'm walking around keeping an eye on the kids or I can park myself on a nearby park bench and go to town! I can drop the sock back into the bag in an instant if I need to rescue an over-adventurous Bean from perilous jungle gym or if I need to go referee a who-shares-what-with-who-and-when discussion with Bug and one of his new "fends" and take it back out again when peace and quiet prevails.