13 June 2006

Park and more park

Monday was definitely a park day! The kids and I went to "Keys" park in the morning for our aparently doomed playgroup (we're 0-3). We had a good time anyway though. We played and ran around and had a snack under a fiberglass cow. Said cow was a member of the Cow Parade herd that will be grazing in our favorite park until mid-October.

We went back to the park in the evening for a free concert put on by the city. The music was by Od Tapo Imi, which is a steel drum band. The band's name is an acronym:

Oil Drums - That Are Pounded Out - Into Musical Instruments
which definitely appealed to my sense of humor. The kids played in the "little park" (that was right by the shelter and the band) and Kitty Daddy and I watched the kids and the band. Bean got her groove thang on in between climbing and sliding. We also had dinner there, as there was a food stand provided by a favorite cafe/bakery, LMNO'Pies. While I have never had anything there that wasn't completely yummy, they have a Mint Meltaway brownie and a Cream Cheese Sugar cookie that are both unbelievable!


Mom said...

Sounds like a fun day and evening in the park. Warm weather is so cool!