22 June 2006

And I thought I was a tense knitter!

Naturally, I knit the way I do everything in life, a little too tightly wound, so I can usually count on using needles a size bigger to attain gage, and needing big, honkin' needles for binding off. However, I have finished the knitting portion of my Crumpets dress and am now working on the crocheted bottom hem. Oh man!

Let me begin by saying that I learned how to crochet loooong before learning to knit and that prior to picking up knitting again about a year and a half ago, I had done way more crocheting. I started crocheting around age 6 or 7 with Grandma O. Both of my grandmas crochet beautifully (I have some gorgeous afghans to attest to that fact), and both helped me along when I was young.

Anyway, this Crumpets hem...nothing fancy, I doing single crochet right now...is taking forever. Not only am I working very slowly, but I get so tensed up that I have to stop every dozen stitches or so. I am maybe 1/8 of the way around and I bet I could have knit three rounds in the time it has taken me so far.

Remaining Crumpeting: Finish crochet hem, weave in yarn ends, block, and knit or crochet shoulder straps. If the crocheting doesn't end up taking me the next year and a half, I should be done soonish. Maybe by early next week???