31 May 2006

The vacuum chronicles

Bug absolutely adores his "orange vacuum." He uses it daily and doesn't want to stop for naps, for bedtime, for diaper changes, for anything! One night, he even wanted it to sleep in bed with us. Another day, the only way I got him to go down for his nap was to lay the Swiffer on the sofa, cover it with a blanket and tell Bug that the vacuum needed a nap too.

I think we are the only parents in the world that threaten to take our child's chores away if he doesn't behave well. I only hope he is this enthusiastic about his chores in a few years.


Mom said...

Maybe you've got a win-win situation here with the vacuuming obsession. When Bug behaves, he can do the chores he loves to do (i.e., vacuum), and when he misbehaves, his punishment can be some chore he doesn't like to do (laundry, maybe)??