02 June 2006

Pebbles hairdo

Any Flinstones fans? Bean doesn't like sitting still to have her hair brushed or styled, so the easiest way to get it out of her eyes is a topknot. One evening when we were running errands a sales clerk commented that this hairdo made her look like Pebbles...she just needed a bone. What, to any normal person would be an idle comment, to a crafty mama became a challenge and the Pebbles barrette was born.

I made it out of leftover Cascade 220, and even though I made it back in April, didn't take notes, and don't remember exactly, it went something like this:

  • CO 16 st on dpn
  • Join and knit 8 (give or take) rounds
  • Decrease round: k2tog 8 times (8 st)
  • Knit rounds until long enough to fit on flat barrette (16 or so?)
  • Increase round: k1f&b 8 times (16 st)
  • Knit same number of rounds as at beginning
Finishing: Run yarn tail through stitches with tapestry needle and pull tight. Then flatten middle section and insert where the arrow is pointing. Loop yarn around end (--- this way in photo) and insert needle through same point, pull tight to get bone shape and knot off.

Repeat with CO tail using running stitch around CO stitches to close end. Stitch on to flat barrette with yarn.