25 June 2006


Yesterday morning we went to the big downtown Farmer's Market. It was a zoo, but we had a good time. We bought a pound of the sweetest, crunchiest shelled peas I have ever had, two tomatoes, three cookies, one pistachio baklava, and a bag of fresh cheese curd (squeak, squeak!!). We had the peas for supper last night, tossed with twisty noodles and sun-dried tomato pesto. We had BLTs, the first of the season, tonight. They were yummy, and the tomatoes in no way resembled the cardboard things at the supermarket, but they weren't quite as yummy as the tomatoes that we'll be having later in the summer, when there has been a lot of nice, hot weather.


Mom said...

Your big downtown Farmer's Market is the oldest in the United States. I just read that particular piece of information in a newspaper article about a transplant from your state who is starting a Farmer's Market in Boring!

Yum...everything sounds delicious!