08 June 2006

Library Day

We had a short trip to the branch library this morning. We had some holds that were ready to pick up and two DVD that were due tomorrow after being renewed for a second week. We have been borrowing library DVD's from the "Real Wheels" series. They are live-action videos for kids that Bug ADORES! Kitty Daddy picked up a copy of "There Goes a Truck" on VHS from a sale bin while we were in Iowa City for my thesis defense. It's a thirty-minute video and we sometimes watch it three or four times a day!

The Real Wheels DVD's each have three half-hour "There Goes..." shows. The ones I have found are:

  1. High Speed Adventures (A Race Care, A Spaceship, A Motorcycle)
  2. Land, Air, and Sea Adventures (A Boat, A Helicopter, The Mail)
  3. Rescue Adventures (A Rescue Hero, A Police Car, A Rescue Vehicle)
  4. Travel Adventures (A Plane, A Train, A Bus)
  5. Mega Truck Adventures (A Bulldozer, A Monster Truck, A Tank)
  6. Tractor Adventures (A Tractor, A Dump Truck, A Farm Truck)
  7. Truck Adventures (A Truck, A Fire Truck, A Garbage Truck)
We just returned Rescue Adventures and Travel Adventures and today we checked out Tractor Adventures and High Speed Adventures. They are very informative (I'm learning things I didn't know!), yet silly and fun at the same time. Another thing I like is that most of them say "If you want to learn more about ___ go visit your local library for lots of good books."

Bug also had fun playing with the trains at the library, but our trip was cut short by a Bean tantrum. Mean Mommy wouldn't let her play with the library's computers, so she demonstrated her new favorite skill: going limp, dropping to the floor, and screaming. She's only 19 months, but she's practicing hard and I have no doubt she will be a great talent by the time her second birthday rolls around!


Grandma K said...

The Real Wheels Adventure series sound really neat. Any animation with them?

Re: Bean's tantrum. Why is it that the "terrible twos" start before the age of two, last all through the age of two, and then continue beyond the age of two? Just an observation, but it must be programmed into toddlers' DNA. It is such a good thing that there are a lot of good intervening years before the teenage years start (usually before the age of 13); otherwise, the human race would probably cease to exist!

Kitty Mommy said...

The videos are all live action. We got to see a carrot picking machine on the "There Goes a Farm Truck" episode. Too cool!!