19 June 2006

Father's Day

For Father's Day, our big activity was retrieving our piano from our old house. We left it there so we wouldn't have to pay to store the piano since September. There is NO WAY we could have gotten it (safely) up into our second story apartment. So the day was spent driving 180 miles there, picking up a U-Haul truck and wrestling the piano in (as well as a couple of other last odds and ends still living in our old house) and then driving the two vehicle back home to deliver the piano into storage this morning. The one fairly humorous part of the day was that we had breakfast at Hardee's (on the road) and the service was awful. I told Kitty Daddy that it was payback for the breakfast at Burger King (also horrible service) we had for Mother's Day, which was the day after graduation. [Aside to my dad...we had an order of cinnamon raisin biscuits. Apart from the obvious raisin issue, they weren't bad. Probably not as bad as the Carl's Jr ones, but not as good as the biscuits of old.]

On Saturday, since we had 'Bou before going to the farm, it was only fitting that we took Daddy out for 'Cue to celebrate Father's Day that evening. Yummy! Daddy also got a "stained glass" candle from the kids. Bug and Bean each made one (with help) at story time before Mother's Day, so we save one for Father's Day and Kitty Daddy and I now have matching candle jars.

So a belated, but heartfelt, Happy Father's Day to Kitty Daddy and all the other daddies out there, whether their babies are little or grown-up, people or animals, or anything else!


Mom said...

Cinnamon raisin biscuits!—glad to hear they're still out there (since we don't have a Hardy's in our part of the world).

Also glad to hear that Kitty Daddy had every bit as good a Father's Day brunch as we mothers had on Mother's Day!