17 June 2006

Morning at the Farm

This morning we spent a couple of hours at a farm that has a fruit stand/market, as well as a petting zoo and kids play area. What fun! Unfortunately, this was a spur of the moment thing and I didn't have a camera with me. Next time...

Anyway, we got to play with little goats and kittens and baby geese and lots of other animals...some that you could pet and visit, others that were in enclosures. We saw some of the ugliest little white turkeys! I think they must have been young turkeys, but talk about a face only a mother could love. And I mean their mother, because I wasn't a bit impressed! Bug and Bean had an absolute blast chasing chickens around the chicken field. They also had a huge sandbox with toy dump trucks and excavators, a paved area with John Deere tricycles to ride, and some basic playground equipment.

Before we left, we bought a quart of strawberries that will be dessert tonight. Yummm! We also got a quart at Farmer's Market on Thursday. Oh my goodness! They were the first real strawberries I have had in ages. It's not that I forgot how yummy fresh strawberries were...it was more selective amnesia so I wouldn't miss what I didn't have!


Grandma K said...

I bought a half-flat of strawberries at our Farmers' Market today and am going to make shortcake tomorrow for Father's Day. The freshly picked strawberries are just the best. Are your local berries red all the way through also? Just curious.

Glad to hear you all had a good time at the farm this morning...not only lots of baby animals, but also a sand box with toys, especially dump trucks and excavators!

Happy Father's Day to Kitty Daddy!