27 December 2006

New knitting project

I have already knit a sweater each for Bug and Bean, but they took so long that Bean's was too small and Bug only got to wear his once last winter. Bug's green sweater fits Bean nicely now, so Bug really needed a sweater of his own. I decided a while ago to scrap the sleeveless shell that I was going to make for myself and, instead, use the yarn to make Bug a sweater. I started it this weekend and it is perking along nicely (having Daddy off work for a few days means more knitting time available!!!).

Here is the start of the body and part of one sleeve. Even though the standard directions say knit the body up to the armpits, knit one sleeve, knit the other sleeve and then attach them and finish the sweater, I decided to switch to a sleeve about 1/3 of the way through the body. Once I finish the sleeve, I'll do another 1/3 of the body and then do the other sleeve. I think it will break up the monotony of the endless stockinette in the body!

When I was updating my WIPs on the sidebar, I decided that I definitely have to just bite the bullet and finish several very-nearly-done projects. I got gift certificates to KnitPicks and a LYS for Christmas, so there should be new yarn in the not-too-distant future! Which means new projects!! I am trying to decide whether I should try and finish projects up this week, or load up a bag of unfinished stuff for my car knitting when we got to Iowa next Sunday. The current ignored and languishing list includes:

  • Bloomers for the Crumpets dress - put elastic in the waistband
  • Candle Flame Shawl - weave in four yarn ends and block (obviously can't do that in the car!)
  • The Ball-band Swiffer Cover - finish the straps over the back of the swiffer and weave in ends
  • Kitty Daddy's Hawkeye Scarf - That I gave him half-finished for Christmas last year and didn't finish knitting until the weather was too warm for scarves. As a result, I never got around to weaving in the ends. I was working the dissertation, I had a good excuse, but that excuse is gone now!!!
Man, oh man, am I pathetic. The first two would take about five minutes apiece, and the other two not much longer if I would just sit down and DO THEM!!!

I think my knitting New Year's resolution needs to be to get things off the WIP list and on to the FO list sooner after knitting the last stitch.


Mom said...

What a great color for Bug's sweater! He'll look so handsome in it when it's done.

As you can tell, I finally have had good luck getting the comments to work....hooray!