29 December 2006

This, that, and the other

We did our normal Friday library trip and realized after we got there that school isn't in session. It was a zoo! While I think it's great that there are so many kids at the library, the branch library we go to is a very tiny one in a strip mall, so it doesn't take many people at all to make it feel chaotic and clausterphobic. As a result, it was a quick trip! We picked out our videos (Bug's job while Bean and I put our return items in the slot), picked a couple of books, tried to play with the trains for a few minutes, and then picked up our holds and made a get-away!

On Sunday, we head to Iowa to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and cousins on Monday. Bug is very excited. Every morning, he asks, "See cousins today?" and we say the days that are left. Today on the way home from the library, his little voice piped up from the back seat, "On Sunday we're going across the Mississippi, then turn right and go to Grandma's to see Grandma and Charlie." I'm glad to know we have a navigator on the job!

This morning, Bug had three toy kitties on the dining room table. Using a squeaky kitty voice, each of the kitties said, "Me first," "Me first," and "No, me first." Using his regular voice, he explained to the kitties that they had to take turns and helped them get into a line to do so. If that doesn't make a Mommy proud!! Is it too early to say that I think I am liking four better than two or three?


Grandma K said...

And because you're doing such a good job parenting, they will continue to get to be more fun and sweeter all the time....until perhaps the teenage years?? I won't make any promises about that.