23 December 2006

"Wood" you like a snack?

One of Bug's birthday presents from mom and dad were a set of wooden fruits and veggies. I am just enamored of them. Of course, having picked them out, I am probably a bit biased. In the basket are:

A pear that can be cut in two, a bunch of grapes (doesn't do anything), watermelon for slicing, a radish that can be cut in two, an orange and a head of garlic, each of which can be halved.
A banana (that doesn't do anything), a mushroom that can be cut in two, an apple that can be cut in quarters, an eggplant and a green pepper that can be sliced and a half avocado with a pit that can be removed. Except for the watermelon (which has a magnet), the slicing action uses velcro dots, so it makes a nice "crunch" when slicing. There is also a wooden knife to do the slicing with. I thought I had it in one of the pictures, but of course, laying the food out for a photo shoot meant that both kids were immediately driven to cook something!

Both kids have been having a lot of fun with the fake food, which is good since I also picked up some additional wooden food for Christmas (shhh...don't tell them!!!), so more pictures will be coming. Just for the record, the eggplant is actually the color of an eggplant...the flash photo didn't do good things to the colors!


Grandma K said...

Can I come play with them, too?