12 December 2006

Christmas Treats

We started our Christmas "baking" today with bark candy. Bug did all the dry measuring (marshmallows, rice crispies, and peanuts) and helped with measuring the peanut butter. He's turning into such a little chef! I put the blobs out on waxed paper and he did most of the 'prinkles. Although a couple of them got away from him, he did a beautiful job. A real light touch compared to last Christmas!

Bean got to help, doing 'prinkles on a few. Light touch? Not so much so.

The bright side is that after winding up with two each of red sugar and green sugar, I am now down to one each!

The downer is that I discovered after the fact that the spanish peanuts were raw. That explains why Bean eats one and then spits out all of the peanuts.


Grandma K. said...

Oooh, good job! I can see how seriously Bug is taking his "'prinklin'" duty. They're practicing to be good helpers for Grandma and Grandpa someday for Christmas baking.