13 December 2006

FO: A Swatch

So, you've got 22 grams of the most gorgeous hand-spun bulky yarn ever, thusly:

So. What do you do with it?? Get out the sticks and knit that stuff! It was pretty bulky and not a lot of it, so the end result was a cute little swatch:

I knit this on size 13 needles...not exactly an airy lace-weight, eh? Seriously, if you had enough of this stuff, it would make a sweater that you could wear in Antarctica and never feel a chill. It's really thick and cozy feeling. As it stands, it is only big enough to be maybe a coaster. More likely it will just continue to be a swatch. One that I carry around with me, stop random people on the street, and say, "Look what I did!!"

I have started spinning my wool/silk roving. It is already looking like it will be more consistent and not quite as bulky as the first try. Of course, "more" and "not quite as" are relative terms, but I am happy with improvement.