11 December 2006

My first handspun

I spun up the second little ball of roving and turned it into two-ply yarn! Here is my first skein. It isn't much, but I'm awfully pleased with it! It is pretty clear to me that there is very little consistency in thickness or in tightness of spin, but I'm sure that will come with practice. I think what I need more than anything is to watch someone who knows what they are doing!

I washed the hank (to set the twist, or so the books tell me) and it's hanging up drying right now. Maybe tomorrow I can knit a swatch with it! I snapped these pictures just before washing.

Here is a close-up of what the yarn looks like. Even though things weren't very even, they seemed to kind of average out, so the yarn is slightly more consistent than the singles. Of course, I found the nicest looking part for the close-up!


Mom said...

Do you think Kitty Chai would give up some her fur for spinning purposes? That would be really lovely soft yarn!