04 December 2006

FO: Bean Mittens

I finished the second pair of red speckled mittens! They are similar to the previous one, but knit bottom-up instead of top-down and slightly smaller. Also, I used k2p2 ribbing instead of k1p1, since my k2p2 is slightly less ugly. I don't think they are actually different sizes, the right one has just been stretched a little more from the kids playing with it while I knit the left one! They did turn out longer than I expected...I misjudged the length that would be added by the shaping at the top!

Some things I am considering for future mittens: k2p1 ribbing for cuff, looking for a stretchier cast on or bind off, experimenting with the shaping for the tops (especially the possibility of incorporating ssk and k2tog into the grafting so they don't have "ears" at the corners).

But first, I would like to get back to the candle flame shawl. I only have a repeat and a half left...getting so close.