01 December 2006

FO: Bug Mittens

Knit using Lion Brand WoolEase in Red Sprinkles using Denise Interchangeables (5 for cuffs, 7 for rest). Based roughly on this pattern. Knit from top down, which I disliked as much as knitting sock toe-up. Maybe someday when I find a really stretchy, wonderful cast-off that I like (the ruffly edges are from the cast off suggestion in the pattern). The verdict? Fun knit, went really fast (I started them yesterday) and I am already planning to cast on a pair for Bean, but for the time being I am firmly in the cuff-down sock and cuff-up mittens camp. And although Wool-Ease isn't the most wonderful yarn in the world, the bit of wool makes the acrylic bearable to knit with and when I use a 40% of coupon at Michael's, it sure is cheap!