17 December 2006

Happy Birthday Bug!

It seems impossible that this great big boy is the same newborn I was cuddling four years ago! Where does time go?? We had a cozy little family party. We had "cheesy noodles" (his phrase for macaroni and cheese), and even though they weren't from a "lunch store" as he requested, they were pretty yummy, nonetheless. He also went to the grocery store with daddy and picked out the corn for our side dish. Top it off with orange pop, and you have a meal fit for a king (assuming, of course, the king is four years old!). After supper, we opened birthday cards and presents:

Clearly, a job he takes very seriously! One of the favorites was a set of wooden fruits and veggies with a wooden knife for "slicing" apart the velcro that holds them together. Little sister thinks the pretend food is pretty cool, too. Another big hit was the "Cars" pin he's wearing (and has only taken off for sleeping)!

We finished off with birthday cupcakes, brown (chocolate), of course! Naturally, devil's food cake. He picked it out himself. I swear it wasn't a mama editorial comment!!!! The cupcakes were intended to be bears, but ended up looking more like mice. Since he is often a little kitty, it works.

All in all, a lovely day!


Grandma K said...

Hippo birdies to you; hippo birdies to you; hippo birdies, dear Bu-ug; hippo birdies to you.

Say, they do look a little like mice, Mickey Mice, to be exact. I think it's the big round ears that does it.

We, too, find it hard to believe that Bug is already four years old...and getting to be such a fine big boy.

Much love from Grandma and Grandpa H.

Stephany said...

A belated happy birthday. I can't believe how big he is already. LOL