18 December 2006

Bug's Big Project

While Bean and Mama were watching the end of "The Muppets Take Manhattan," Bug was busy working on a big project. When he (and the movie) finished, he insisted that Mama take pictures to capture this for posterity. Well, as long as we are going for posterity, why not blog it as well! Bug put together three beds on the living room floor.

This one is Bug's, using his blue binkit. Things to notice include the library book, which is blue like the blanket and the official bed car (a green Range Rover) he picked out.

The next bed was constructed for Bean with the yellow binkit that actually belongs to Mama, but that Bug has decided is also his. Bug picked out Daddy's Star Wars pillow for this one, because the yellow letters match the blanket. Sneetches and Other Stories was the book of choice, since the yellow Sneetches (Star-Bellied and otherwise) also match the blanket. Bean was also provided with a bed car (a white pick-up).

Last, but not least, is Mama's bed. I got my big penguin binkit, since I am the biggest. My book is Green Eggs and Ham, and I have Sam-I-Am to keep me company. I also have a bed car that is a white city bus.

Before pictures, we had to drag Daddy downstairs to admire. He asked where his bed was. Bug told him (with an are-you-serious look), "Upstairs in the bedroom." The two of us will have to work out whether it is a bigger honor to have a specially constructed bed or one with an actual mattress.


Megan said...

Is that Cleo's Counting Book I see? A fine choice!

Knittymama said...
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Knittymama said...

Okay, that was me. I totally can't type! Let me try that again:

Love it!!! :-)

)How did I mess that up so bad???

Mom said...

I love it!...very creative. I think your little dude may have an interior design bent, plus it shows a lot of thought on his part to have picked out all the necessary "matching" accompaniments for everyone: pillows, bed car, and sleepy-time book (with its corresponding soft toy).

Mom said...

P.S. It's also neat that Bug realizes his big project is important enough to save for posterity by insisting on taking pictures of them (and by your blogging about them). Tell him "thank you" from G&G in Oregon, 'cause we sure like to read about these important project and happenings.