04 December 2006

Daddy's little metal-head

Yes, Bug is clearly becoming Daddy's little metal head. Based on this picture from when he was seven months old, we should have know it would be inevitable!

Yes, a seven-month old with his very own Iron Maiden onesie. Kitty Daddy had just found an Iron Maiden t-shirt online, had ordered it, received it, and was VERY proud of it. Since Kitty Daddy had this album on CD (which had the same picture as his shirt), I found some ink-jet iron-on transfers, scanned in the album cover and made Bug a matching shirt.

A few intervening facts that will become clear shortly: (1) Somewhere along the line, Kitty Daddy found and purchased Iron Maiden/Vision of the Beast: The Complete Video History on DVD; (2) Eddie is the mascot of Iron Maiden; and (3) When Kitty Daddy has some cleaning to do, he will occasionally put in his Iron Maiden DVD and crank the volume. Bug, naturally, has been around when this has happened.

Anyway, fast-forward to now. The other day, Bug and Bean were digging through our DVD and video collection and came across Daddy's Iron Maiden DVD. He brought it over to me and described how he and Daddy have watched the "Sketelon Music" together (the "sketelon" being, of course, Eddie, who is, technically, a zombie. Whatever.) and that he wanted to watch it. So we put it in (probably not as loudly as Daddy, though) and played some. Bug did some very serious jamming out and dancing, and, at one point stopped, walked over to me and announced in completely earnest tones: "Mommy, this is GREAT music!"

Daddy is so proud!


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Grandma K said...

I can hardly remember Bug being that little, but I remember seeing him in the onesie...very cute!

mom2radata said...

Hmmm I haven't heard IronMaiden in years. I think it might scare me now.