22 December 2006

From the department of vital statistics

Bug had his well-child check-up on Tuesday, and I am finally remembering to post his stats. He is 41¼". That is right around the 75th percentile for his age and only ¾" from being tall enough to ride the water slide at the city pool next summer (a very important goal!). He weighs in at 41 pounds, which is right around the 85th percentile. Since he has long been a tall, skinny dude, I kind of suspect that he might be due to shoot up soon. Just as long as he gets his ¾" before the city pool opens next spring.


Grandma K said...

That's a very balanced report for Bug—about one pound per inch. He'll, no doubt, have to do some stretching exercises (maybe yoga with Mom?) to grow that important 3/4 of an inch by the time the city pool opens!