28 December 2006

Haunted House

This was the conversation that Bean and I repeated at least 42 times last night before going to sleep:

Bean: "Boo"
Mommy: [inhales sharply]
Bean: "You gare mama?"
Mommy: "Yes, I was very scared!"
Bean: [riotous giggles]
On a few of the repetitions, the third and fourth lines were
Bean: "You hoe-kay mama?"
Mommy: "Yes, sweetie, mama is fine."


Grandma K said...

I wonder what made the "boo" thing come up on December 27th?? I can see why it would surface around Halloween, but not Christmas...

Kitty Mommy said...

I can explain that one! Bug is still obsessed with Halloween, so last week at the library, we got "10 Little Trick-or-Treaters" and "What do you do when a monster says Boo?" and have been reading both every night!

grandma k said...

Makes sense now...