09 December 2006

FO: Feather and Fan Scarflet

At long last, I proudly present the Feather and Fan Scarflet!! This was my first stab at lace. The pattern is just a basic feather and fan lace. I used a skein of sock yarn I found half price at Ben Franklin ages ago and the band is long gone, so I really don't know what it is, but I knit on size 3 straight needles.

Basically, this was a stash buster project, since I only had enough yarn for one sock and didn't have the information I needed to track down another skein. I like how it turned out, though!

In other knitting, I am only three rows away from being done knitting. After ages of picky lace knitting, I am having almost more trouble with the garter border (18 rows). I have had to tink back three or for rows to pick up dropped stitches in two places already. Once I am finished knitting it, all that will remain is blocking!

The Crumpets bloomers and the Swiffer haven't gone anywhere. Clearly I am not able to finish projects by mind power alone. They'll be done eventually.

The sock continues to piddle along. I am only about an inch from shaping the toe, so working a few rows here and a few rows there are making very slow, but still noticeable progress!

I have been working on the behind-the-scenes, ahead-of-time figuring for Bug's sweater. I have swatched and measured and I think I have in mind the design I will use. The only thing that is keeping me from starting is trying to decide on needles. The obvious answer is the old reliable Denise needles, but I am having a huge hankering to get some more KnitPicks needles. The sock is being worked on a KnitPicks 32" size 2 circular (magic loop) and I really, really like everything about the needles. I don't dislike the Denise needles and I have knit many stitches with them, but I really like the KnitPicks better. Do you think the needle fairy will leave the right tips and cords under my pillow one of these nights???