27 December 2006

Showin' off the Grandma and Grandpa loot

Since we couldn't spend the holidays with my family, here are a few pictures for them (we will be going to see Kitty Daddy's family next weekend, so there will be more pics coming!). Here is a picture of Chai checking out our Christmas tree, moments before chaos ensued:

Since my stash of Christmas wrap is still in storage, we just bought one jumbo roll of paper, so everything was wrapped in the same paper. Pretty boring, but bearable, since we didn't dare put any presents out until the very last moment!

This is Bean's new doll house. She loves moving around the dolls and the furniture. When she lays a doll down in the bed, she says, "Nigh, nigh." When she sits a doll on a chair or sofa, she says, "Dit, Cha-ah." When she puts a doll on the tractor from Bug's farm, she says, "Wye-ee tra-toh." Very cute!

Bug got this farm set, made by the same company as Bean's dollhouse. Clearly, the biggest problem with the new Christmas toys is getting the three kids to share and play nice! Okay, fine, I'll 'fess up. All four of us are having fun!

Kitty Daddy's new favorite thing is his Star Wars reference book. He'll be able to read it while snuggled up in his new Star Wars fleece blanket from me. We got the fleece yesterday. I had planned to have the fabric before Christmas, but the coupons I had set aside managed to disappear!


Grandma K said...

Thanks for posting the Christmas pictures. It's very nice for us to see everyone with their presents, which is the best we can do as far as spending the holidays together. Bean does look like she's very intent with her doll house. And, I am even able to understand all her comments.

Tell Kitty Daddy that if we ever have a Star Wars question, we now know who to go to for the answer!