31 May 2006

We're gonna FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT for Iowa!

As Kitty Daddy and I are both University of Iowa alums (that's where we met as undergraduates), here is the scarf and socks that I made for him for last Christmas.
The scarf was my first stab at double knitting. Both ends have the same design, but it is folded so one end shows each side of the fabric. I "borrowed" a Hawkeye logo that I found on the web and made my pattern using Excel. I set the rows and column sizes to be of the same proportion as my gage swatch, imported the graphic and stretched it to size, then proceeded to color in the grid cells to make my design. The scarf was knit with Black and Gold Cascade 220.

The socks are the same yarn and I knit them cuff down and used the same tubular cast-on as for the scarf, followed by 1x1 rib. It worked out okay, but I'm not complete enamored of it. I used "afterthought" heels (aka Peasant heels) for the first time and like that technique a lot. Those are my feet modeling the socks, so they are a little big, but not as big as they are on Bug:

They fit Kitty Daddy much better!