06 December 2006

A Bigger Bit

Although it isn't new, by any means, "a bigger bit" is one of my current favorite Bug-isms.

Mom: Should we go to the park and play for a little bit?
Bug: No, I want to go a bigger bit.
No matter what it its, a little bit is never enough. Cracks me up every time, and apparently, I use the phrase "a little bit" an awful lot!


Mom said...

It would seem that four-year-olds, like most of us grownups, aren't satisfied with a "little bit," either. But his "bigger bit" is so much cuter than saying, "I want MORE!"

It is true that you don't realize how often you use certain phrases until your children make you notice. You most likely remember my "By the way..." (...intro to asking you to do a job I knew you didn't particularly like to do.)

Marianne said...

Oh, I like that...a bigger bit...
out of the mouths of babes, eh?