31 January 2007

Zee ART, eet ees a process...

"Vat is dees? You dare dee-sturb zee petite artiste??? Zee nerve of zome pipples! No understandink of zee creative process and zee artistique temperment"

Though it clearly wasn't too serious of an infraction, because a nanosecond later this was the temperamental artist:

Clearly all has been forgiven! Note the purple on the face and the red on the hand. Painting of the artist is just as important as the painting of the paper. This masterpiece is by big brother Bug (who only had a little paint on his face):

It's the ocean and there are mama fishes and baby fishes. Don't hold me to this, but I believe that the fish are the different colors up at the top. I'm not an art expert though, so I may have misunderstood.

In other news, we have been having cold and snowy weather. What?? Cold and snowy?? In Wisconsin?? In January?? Yeah, we got pretty spoiled by our mild end to 2006. If you want an idea of just how low the humidity is:

It's doing that all by itself. Bean and her brother had a "rassle" on the living room floor and when they stood up, she looked like a little dandelion.

Mama's been fighting a little cabin fever and the winter blahs. I get the whole bear/hibernation thing. It sounds kind of nice to just snooze until spring. But on the bright side, I did get the paper I had been working on submitted last night. It will mostly likely be in The Journal of Green Building's winter edition.


Mom said...

LOL—at the two top pix of the "zee petite artiste"—from storm cloud to sunshine. The creative process can be so wrenching, at times! Congratulations to both little artists and also to their writer mom for completing her article—such talent in one family!!