10 January 2007

Oh ma-a-a-a-ann!

So, two days ago, I was so proud of myself for getting a broken Denise cord sent in to be replaced after ordering replacements for two that have been broken for a long time and disappeared. Guess what? Today, I was working on organizing my office/creative space and found one of the broken cords. I'll probably send it in anyway (extra cords can never hurt!!), but, sheesh, I think I'd rather wait until either my order or replacement cord (or both) get to me.

Getting "my" room organized is going to be a huge job, but it felt good to make some progress today. The biggest problems is that some stuff was in storage for a year when we were at our old apartment and now some of the stuff that will eventually wind up in this room is in our current storage bin. So getting everything settled will actually involve going through everything that is now in storage. Yeah, BIG job. Anyway, the Denise cord I found hasn't been sighted since we lived in Iowa a year and a half ago. Kind of scary.

I have several big jobs in progress, trying to get our lives organized again after two moves and everything not dissertation-related getting moved down on the priority list for almost nine months in between the two moves; all done while juggling two little ones. One of my New Year's resolutions is to try keep making steady progress on this stuff. It's so easy to get overwhelmed and disgusted by the accumulated mess and just throw up my hands and give up, but things never get better that way. So I'm trying to remind myself that if I can slip in even five minutes on one dreaded project, that is going to bring me five minutes closer to done, no matter how far away "done" is.


Mom said...

Oh, yeah, it's easy to get overwhelmed with projects like yours. Most organizational experts advise people to NOT look at the project as a whole, but to concentrate on one small specific task that can be accomplished...like opening one box and going through it and organizing and/or putting away/disposing of the contents. When that box is done, it is one fewer box that needs to be dealt with. Now I should take these words of wisdom to heart and begin my own cleaning/purging of stuff that seems to "magically" pile up from heaven knows where...