15 January 2007

Snow Bunny

On Saturday, we got the first snow since December 1st! The kids were very excited, not surprisingly. On Sunday, Bean came downstairs in her pajamas and bare feet, pulled her winter coat out of the closet and insisted, in Bean-speak, that we put her coat on and let her go outside. We tried to explain that she needed to be dressed and wearing shoes, but she was not at all convinced. In the interest of ending an impressive tantrum, we decided to let her try it her way, reasoning that her experience would convince her in a way that mere words couldn't. We put on her jacket and let her go:

She walked out into the yard and was willing to come back in when we called her back, but the minute the door was shut, she wanted to go back out again, bare-footers and all. We did get her dressed and shod and she had a great time out in the snow.

We got more snow overnight last night and, clearly, our little object lesson was a smashing success...this morning, she didn't want to get dressed, so she came downstairs stark-nakers, pulled her jacket out of the closet and insisted on going outside! Maybe she's part polar bear??


Namma said...

LOL!!! I loved seeing Bean's little bare footprints in the snow...that's priceless! You're clearly going to have to get a sauna for her...so that she get all hot and then run out nekkid in the snow! This must be her Scandinavian heritage genes at work. Actually, it's good that she, at the very least, wants to put her jacket on...