03 January 2007

Trying to find our groove again

Things have been quiet-ish. We are mostly trying to settle back in after the holidays and our trip to grandma's (a blog coming on that soon). The kids and I are all tired and cranky. No one is sleeping very well, we have had a shortage of naps, and the weather has been mostly gray and dreary. Today was sunny, so we took advantage and made a short trip to close park. Hopefully, we will all be sleeping better and settled back into our daily routines before long.


Mom said...

Hey, hey...we had a sunny afternoon here today, too. It was really nice to be outdoors, even though I was doing yard work—and not playing at the park.

Different schedules, holiday food, and excitement all take their toll on the wee ones, so it's nice to get back to "normal" again after the holidays (even for us grownups).