27 January 2007

Parenting Awards

Any minute now, I expect the Parenting award equivalent of the Prize Patrol to pull up...

Yesterday was library day and Bug is becoming more social all the time. He found some "fends" to play trains and color with and was delighted. After they left, a mom with a toddler boy came in and Bug started chatting her up. At one point he told her that he has an owie foot, because Mommy left and he and Bean stayed with Daddy and Daddy hit him. Okay, a few details were left out. What I believe happened is that Wednesday evening when I was at the 'Bou working, Bug and Daddy were having a pillow fight or boxing with foam blocks or some such other highly physical rough play that little boys and daddies delight in and Bug fell or got sideways with the world and somehow bumped/bonked/twisted his foot. He is pretty pleased with his war wound and will tell anyone who will stand still long enough about it. However, I occasionally step in to clarify some of the details of the abbreviated version.

Then, as we were checking out and getting ready to leave, Bug announced to the librarians that we watched Snakes on a Plane. The two librarians gave each other a pronounced they-let-the-four-year-old-watch-what? look. So I explained that Daddy rented it and was very excited to see it, but that Bug, Bean, and I were too little to watch anything but the first few minutes.

Just to be icing on the cake, I got most of Bug's first clog done and discovered that I had done the colors backwards. His clogs are light blue with navy soles and cuffs, so I had bought one skein of navy and two of light blue. I got the proportions wrong...the clogs take about twice as much of the sole/cuff color as of the upper color. I did the same for Bean. The good news is that there appears to be enough navy left for the second sole of the first clog and the whole second clog and Bean's will be smaller and take less sole/cuff yarn. I won't even touch the second skein of upper color for either kid. I guess I know what color my new purse is gonna be... *sigh* I guess it was just one of those days.


Mom said...

Ah, yes, the old kids-say-the-darndest-things stage {;0] Art Linkletter made part of his fortune from it. The only compensation is that before you know it, they will be teenagers, and then you will be a source of embarrassment for them...*sigh* Gives you something to look forward to, doesn't it??

And believe it or not, most mothers have experienced (or will experience) such moments themselves. Do you remember your Grandma O. recounting one of classic examples of this when your uncle, as a toddler, made a "proclamation" in church? LOL

Ms. Knitingale said...

Apparently when I was 3 my mom took me to church on a high holy day (Catholic). At a moment of silence (naturally) I began to meow. LOUDLY. And I absolutely would not stop and kept getting louder. Your boys sound awesome....and I can't wait to see the clogs!