23 January 2007

Daddy evenings

Since the beginning of the year, we have been trying to implement semi-regular "Daddy Evenings," where Daddy stays with the kidlings and Mama does whatever the heck she wants! I try to take some time two to three times a week to get some things done that aren't conducive to little (but, oh so cute) hangers-on. So far I have been using my get-away time to drink coffee at the 'Bou and work on writing a paper for submission from my dissertation and to go over to the fitness room in the main building of our apartment complex to lift weights, do aerobic exercise (stair climber or stationary bike) and watch either "House, M.D." or "CSI" on cable instead of fuzzy antenna signal. Who knows, once I get this first paper submitted, I might even go completely wild and crazy and do something like socializing or running errands. I do have one more (maybe two) papers that need to be written after this one, so the coffee shop may remain a good option.

Bug tends to go a little ape at the idea that Mommy is leaving him forever and doesn't love him and is abandoning him to the raw elements. Have I mentioned that Bug has a flair for the dramatic?? Although I am tempted to go into over-protective mommy mode, I know that this is more sound and fury than actual concern. In fact, last time I came home, he was engaged in a to-the-death pillow fight with Daddy and told me to go away, because he didn't want me home. And tonight, when he started in complaining, I suggested that Daddy might be amenable to another pillow fight and the grousing was cut off mid-word as he chirped "Bye, mommy" and went to arrange the sofa pillows into proper fighting form. What a goofball!


Mom said...

All I can say is—enjoy being the center of their universe while they're little. In not too many years (goes faster than seems possible), your kidlings will be the ones running out the door, blithely waving bye, and telling you they'll be home at such-and-such a time.