19 January 2007


We have been doing much of the same old same old, plus Mama has been getting back into the swing of getting some work done (you know, that engineering stuff...I'm trying to get some papers out from the diss, so the paycheck is the same as it was this time last year), so I haven't been blogging as much. But today, I will provide some Bean vocubulary:

  • Pee Wye - Piggy (Back) Ride
  • Namma - Grandma
  • Kah-kack - Back Pack
  • Ni-en - Mitten
  • Guck - Stuck
  • Day dew - Thank you
  • Weeeeeeee - Please
  • Bih Gog - (Clifford, the) Big (Red) Dog
  • Geeky - Big brother's name
  • Bee-bee - Baby
  • Noh - Snow
  • Doppah Bah - Soccer ball
I'll try and add some more over the next couple of days, so check back!

Oh, and as a post script, my Knitpicks order that I placed last weekend with a Christmas gift certificate and some Christmas gift money is not only on its way, but in the correct state! I just have to wait until it gets to the right town and delivered. I can't wait!!!


Mom said...

How cute!! At some point, you'll have to ask her to say "Vaseline". Mothers just love to hear all the "funny" words that their babies come up with, like haw (saw), mugit bok (music box), and bah-yoon (balloon), to mention just a few.

Glad to hear the Knitpicks order is wending its way to its new owner...that might put a crimp in the engineering stuff?? (;P)