25 January 2007

Groceries at last!

Since we were running dangerously low on groceries, the kids and I had planned to go shopping yesterday. However, at 8:30 am, the maintenance guys called to let us know they were coming to fix our dripping faucet. Since we have assorted wildlife that has been known to try and escape (e.g., the Kitten Chai), I thought it would be best if we were home when maintenance was working and get groceries afterwards. When we were still waiting at 11:30, I figured that even if they got there immediately, by the time we ate lunch and got to the store we would be getting dangerously close to nap-time. Like grocery shopping isn't stressful enough when they are well rested and alert! Since we didn't have anything that would remotely qualify as supper, I called Daddy to the rescue (He picked up barbeque meat, buns, and deli sides on the way home...yum!). Anyway, maintenance finally showed up at a few minutes before noon, went upstairs to look at the faucets for about two minutes, and then informed me as he went out the door that he would be back after lunch, about 12:30. It was actually closer to 1:00, but less than an hour later we had two faucets that no longer dripped! While I am delighted that we have fully functional faucets again, the day felt kind of wasted.

In knitting, I have started on Bug's clogs. My theory is that I am less likely to get burned out clogging if I do the two larger ones first. They aren't that much bigger, but... The clogs are such a quick, easy knit and with kids sizes they zoom even faster than Daddy's clogs did. But, I do need to keep a close eye on the instructions, so I have to stop whenever Bean needs some lap time.