15 January 2007

Recycling Craftiness

As I work to get my creative space organized, I have been collecting containers for storing and organizing things. Some of my favorite storage containers have been recycled from the kitchen.

I just love these Folgers cans. They are plastic with a snap-on lid and have indentations for easy handling. While I am certainly capable of being as big of a coffee snob as the next guy, right now, Folgers pretty much maxes out my coffee budget. It's either Folgers regularly or maybe one cup of the good stuff a month.

I occasionally indulge my inner-coffee-snob wit some flavored Folgers. The French Vanilla is my favorite and the little cans are so dang cute. Because it only comes in the small size, I can amass a pretty impressive collection of cans pretty fast!

I also really like these plastic containers from Rice Selects. They co-exist in the pantry better than bags of rice and when they are empty, they are great clear plastic storage with screw-on lids.


Mom said...

You know the saying from around these parts: "Free is very good thing!"