12 January 2007

The $1.91 Niddy-Noddy

My handspun has been sitting on the spindle. Since there was more than my first sample, I wanted to measure it as I winded it into a hank to wash and set the twist. I had seen one method using two nails in a two-by-four to wrap the yarn in a hank and was planning on putting one together, but I wasn't sure I wanted to buy a whole box of nails. We have plenty of nails, but they are deep in the storage shed. After briefly coveting a niddy-noddy, which is what spinners use to wind hanks, I discovered instructions for making a very cheap PVC niddy-noddy here. So, before our regular Friday trip to the library, the kids and I stopped by Home Depot and purchased 10' of 1/2" PVC ($1.43) and two 1/2" tees ($0.19/each) plus tax ($0.10). When we got home, I dug out the Dremel and turned them into:

Here is the niddy-noddy in action, holding 38 yards of my handspun:

The handspun is in the sink soaking right now.