10 January 2007

CO: A sweater for Mollie

Kitty Daddy feels that Mollie dog has been left out of the woolly goodness resulting from me knitting, so he suggested that she desperately needs a sweater. Since I had some Cascade 220 left over from Daddy's Hawkeye scarf and socks, she will be getting a sweater that coordinates with her Daddy, so the two of them can look so spiffy out for a walk on a cold winter's day. Since Mollie is a wee mini-dachsie, she has weird proportions and doesn't fit very well in ready made, so I will be using Esther Bozak's "The Original Custom-Fit Dog Sweater" to make one just for her! I have swatched and measured, so I'm ready to go.

Bug's sweater is almost done...after the third try on the neckline shaping, I'm hoping third time's the charm. The first time I did short row shaping and managed to space off the fact that just doing short rows leads to ugly gaping holes. Frog back to beginning of shaping. The second time I did some beautiful Japanese short rows and promptly discovered that there was now way Bug's head was going to fit. Not even with a giant shoe horn and considerable force. Frog back to beginning of shaping again. This time I did the shaping to make a bigger hole and (here's the kicker) tried slipping it over his head before starting on the neckband! I still have to finish the neck band, but it's getting close. The bad news is that after frogging back the second time, I let it sit for a couple of days and forgot to switch back to the larger needles I used for the entire body from the smaller needles I used for the ribbing. Frog a fourth time? Nah, we'll just call it a "design feature"