24 July 2006

Twisted Rib for a soaker

Since I always end up with ugly ribbing and still have to put eyelets and i-cord to keep the soaker on, I decided to try something different. I had seen something about knitting through the back loop to get a neater looking rib, but I didn't have access to the computer when I was ready to start the ribbing. I couldn't remember if I was supposed to use the back loop for the knit stitches, the purl stitches or all stitches, so I experimented a little and decided to go with all stitches. I like the way it looks, but I think the next time I will try just the knit stitches.

I had to monkey around a bit to get the eyelets to look right. I put an eyelet in a purl column so it kind of blends in. The normal eyelet is:

  • Just before eyelet: k, p, k
  • Row 1: k, yo, k2tog (the instruction I used say to use a double yo, but I find that too loose)
  • Row 2: k, p into yo, k
  • Row 3: k, p into yo in row below, k
To modify it for the back loop stuff I did this:
  • Just before eyelet: k tbl, p tbl, k tbl
  • Row 1: k tbl, slip stitch as if to p tbl (two times), slip the two stitches back to L needle, k2tog
  • Row 2: k tbl, p into yo normally, k tbl
  • Row 3: k tbl, p into yo in row below normally, k tbl