07 July 2006

Not exactly a three-peat

The good news: No puking Bean last night.

The bad news:

2:45 am: Bug
3:30 am: Bug
6:45 am: Mama
7:15 am: Bug
While I felt great around 7:00 am, I have been vaguely queasy ever since, so I don't think the festivities are over yet. All I can say is thank goodness Kitty Daddy offered to clean up the bathroom before work! My hero!


Mom said...

Uh-oh...cute illustration that it may be, I don't think we want to see any more of those little blue guys hurling...and four is definitely wa-a-ay too many. It sounds like a bug of some sort, now that [almost] all of you have the same symptoms, albeit with delayed action (on the third night). Hang in there, Kitty Daddy!