10 July 2006

Quiet Weekend

We spent a pretty quiet and lazy weekend. We went for a quick swim at the pool on Sunday afternoon. We went for supper at Ella's Deli, since matzo ball soup sounded kind of good after having icky tummies, even though it is certainly not soup weather. I had a "Chicken Salad Pump Platter." It was a mound of chicken salad, a mound of potato salad, a mound of coleslaw, a couple of tomato slices, a couple of sweet onion slices, cream cheese on pumpernickel wedges and a quarter of big honkin' kosher deli dill pickle. Oh my, was it good. Not only was it among the best potato salad and coleslaw I have tasted, what a perfect hot weather meal!!! We hadn't been there since Bean's first birthday, so the kids had great fun getting re-acquainted with all of the crazy displays.

This morning the kids and I went to "Keys" park for a short time and then grocery shopping. The weather cooled down overnight and it was a lovely morning, but unfortunately there were three school busses with Y-camp/day-care/nursery school kids so it was packed and some of the bigger Y-campers were being pretty rowdy and knocking little ones over (no casualties in our family). Bug made a fast friend. He found another mama to push him on the "big boy" swings for a while. She was there with her three kids, who were 8, 10, and 12. She said that missed pushing little ones on the swing, so Bug had a great time and I was able to keep a closer eye on Bean, the amazing monkey girl. Bug invited his new friend to go look at the cows with us after, but she respectfully declined, in order to stay with her own kids. We both thought it was pretty cute!


Grandma K said...

Your Sunday sounds very nice, although ours turned out good, too, when the "Amazing Computer Lady" quelled our frustrations by solving our big-font problem!

It is cute that Bug not only found a new big friend, but also invited her to share another activity—other than being the source of his swinging momentum!